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Aqua Air Aerators

Aqua Air Aerators     Aqua Master Logo

AquaAir provides lakes, ponds, and marinas with superior aeration, circulation, and de-stratification. Dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are increased throughout the entire water column with the use of bottom mounted diffusers. The diffusers employ a super fine micro-bubble technology resulting in some of the highest diffuser oxygen transfer rates (OTR) available today. The micro-bubbles entrain bottom water and synergistically lift it to the surface where atmospheric oxygen is absorbed and then transferred throughout the water column. The diffusers are connected to a stainless steel cabinet-enclosed, shore-mounted air compressor via self-weighted air supply tubing. System sizes range with two types of diffusers available.

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Aqua Air Aerator - AquaAir 1
PFP#: AQM9410
Price: $1440.00
Aqua Air Aerator - AquaAir 2
PFP#: AQM9420
Price: $2085.50
Aqua Air Aerator - AquaAir 3
PFP#: AQM9430
Price: $2992.00
Aqua Air Aerator - AquaAir 4
PFP#: AQM9440
Price: $3194.00
Aqua Air Aerator - AquaAir 5
PFP#: AQM9450
Price: $3717.00
Aqua Air Aerator - AquaAir 6
PFP#: AQM9460
Price: $3919.00

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