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Permalon X-210

PERMALON X-210, polyethylene, 18 mil, cross laminated, UV resistant.When properly installed, this material should last indefinately. Permalon is resistant to root penetration, rodents and microbes. Great general purpose liner. We’ve used this material in ponds to 65’x65’ with only three people positioning it. It is a little harder to repair than PVC but can be with FAB tape. See repairing pond liner.

This material is also widely used to landfill covers, toxic site barrier but is SAFE FOR FISH. This material can be made in configurations including round, square, rectangular and oval. GREAT FOR LINING EXISTING WATERTANKS.

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10x12 = 120 sq feet @.74/sq ft
PFP#: 330100120
Price: $88.80
12x16 = 192 sq feet @.74/sq ft
PFP#: 330120160
Price: $142.08
16x20 = 320 sq feet @.74/sq ft
PFP#: 330160200
Price: $236.80
20x28 = 560 sq feet @.74/sq ft
PFP#: 330200280
Price: $414.40
28x40 = 1120 sq feet @.68/sq ft
PFP#: 330280400
Price: $761.60
40x60 = 2400 sq feet @.68/sq ft
PFP#: 330400600
Price: $1631.20
60x60 = 3600 sq feet @.68/sq ft
PFP#: 330600600
Price: $2448.00
80x80 = 6400 sq feet @.68/sq ft
PFP#: 330800800
Price: $4352.00
100x100 = 10,000 sq feet @.62/sq ft
PFP#: 331001000
Price: $6200.00
120x120 = 14,400 sq feet @.62/sq ft
PFP#: 331201200
Price: $8928.00

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