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Real Clear Super Pond Flock  

Real Clear Super Pond Flock

Real Clear Super Pond Flock is an organic flocculent that works like a dirt magnet to quickly clear cloudy water. Derived from chitin, the natural polymer found in crustacean shells, it causes suspended particles to clump or 'flock' together. It also increases the capture efficiency of filters by forming a cationic network on their surfaces and allows them to clean longer between back-flushing. Will not form a scum line or clog filters.

  • Restores clarity
  • Removes (chelates) metals
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic and bio-degradeable
  • Won’t harm plants or fish

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Real Clear Super Pond Flock 8oz.
Treats: 8,000 gal.
Price: $10.78

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