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Aladdin No Niche Skimmer No-Niche® is no ordinary skimmer. It replaces the need for a niche, the weakest point in a pool's construction. With 360° skimming action, No-Niche® has sufficient skimming power to allow opening the main drain.
Pac Fab - Purex Bermuda Skimmer Bermuda skimmers feature heavy-duty, one-piece PVC construction with external ribbing for superior strength. Adjustable deck collar minimizes distortion and permits precise alignment during concrete deck installation.

Hayward Skimmer, Wide Mouth (Vinyl & Fiberglass) Auto-Skim™ Wide Track series skimmers are, molded or rugged, noncorrosive ABS and have no joint below water level. A wide 15-1/2 in. skimmer face opening allows for maximum skimming action.
Hayward SP1099S Skimmer Hayward SP 1099 S front access only skimmer is great to use through liner or fiberglass. Can be used for concrete. They are about 5-1/4” front to back and can fit in a wall as thin as 6”.

Pentair Skimmer, Admiral S-20 The S-20 line of Admiral skimmers have a PVC reinforced twin port base. All admiral skimmers are stocked with equalizer and flap weir. Circular floating weir optional. All models include the exclusive lock down lid and a one year warranty.
Hayward SP1094 Skimmer Hayward SP 1094 Dyna-Skim automatic skimmers are noncorrosive skimmer packages designed for aboveground pool applications. The contoured body, combined with the patented weir, provides a superior skimming action that removes debris more efficiently and completely.

American FAS-100 Spa and Above Ground Pool Skimmer The FAS-100 is a residential, front access skimmer with a seamless, molded ABS body. The basket can be removed through the top access lid or from the front through the throat. It is equipped with a flap weir and vacuum plate adapter.
Wall Skimmer AWS Ideal for surface skimming of leaves and debris. Front access eases cleaning. Shallow depth allows thin wall installation. DEFO hinged and secured face grille prevents vandalism.


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