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Water Feature Consulting
Pond & Fountain Pros offers a complete consulting service including plan checks, equipment lists, trouble shooting and technical support. Between phone, fax, e-mail and snail mail we are able to support projects worldwide. Many of the questions are answered in the NTK (need to know) section of the website. We are glad to answer a few questions gratis but at some point we need to be on the clock. If your questions can not be answered in a few minutes, we will ask if you wish for a consultation. If you wish to continue, we will request credit card information. Our rate is $75.00 per hour based on 5 minute increments. Charges will be accrued for telephone calls, drawings and other time spent on your project. You will given an estimate of charges before we ask for your authorization to proceed. If, however, you make a substantial purchase of equipment and supplies we will reduce or eliminate these charges. Any questions regarding our consulting services should be directed to Jim 707-527-0125 (phone or fax) or jim@pfpros.com.


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